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VTech KidiZoom Smart Watch Max not connecting to Learning Lodge on Mac Sonoma

Hi all,

I see I'm not alone with this issue, but I'm asking again in case someone from VTech might jump in.

I've installed the correct version of Learning Lodge for my device on two separate Macs - one a work computer with some security lockdowns and one my personal computer with just the standard Mac security. In both instances, Learning Lodge installed. A screen called "Full Disk Access Navigator" popped up, showing instructions on an older version of macOS on how to gain full disk access. I didn't get these errors. I did try to go through the reduced security set up, but it all failed at Step 2, where there was no notice about installation of system extensions.

To be continued due to space....

When I plug the watch in, it shows as a removable drive in macOS. I can access photos and stuff on there. Other posts have mentioned trying different cables, and I've now tried three separate cables. All appear to support data, since the watch appears as a drive. So that's not it.

When I plug the watch in, the Learning Lodge software seems to do something - it recognises a watch has been connected. But when I try to install a game, or update, I get an error saying that I need to connect the watch.

I've tried two Macs, three cables and two watches. There's clearly a bigger problem here.

Can VTech actually provide some support on this, please? Look at the other posts, it's not just me experiencing this.

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Alex I'm having the same issue. I just installed Learning Lodge and I get the same pop-up everytime I connect the watch. It is asking me to connect the watch, but it's already connected.

I have the correct software and the correct version. I'm also on a mac. I've rebooted several times, uninstalled and reinstalled and yet the same message pops up.

Something seriously wrong here. Very frustrated. Vtech advertise it as something so simple and easy to use yet whenever I've bought Vtech products, their software tends to glitch.

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