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2-in1 Fire Station

Hi there,

Last week, I ordered the 2-in-1 Fire Station toy from Target.  As I am in Victoria, I ordered it directly from Target's website without physically seeing the toy.

It arrived on Thursday, 24 September 2020.

I am very disappointed with the toy.  There are a number of issues that cause my 2.5 year old frustration that I have had to try to find remedies to fix.

Firstly, the two firefighters do not secure properly to their various posts.  For example, when they are placed in the cabin of the truck, they fall over very easily and my child finds this really frustrating, as he struggles to put them in a standing position (as do I).  The same issue occurs when trying to put a firefighter on the grey ladder - they are too loose and fall easily.

Secondly, the top of the fire engine doesn't click onto the base of the toy unless significant force is used, but then, it will re-release up at the slightest movement.  This is after I had to blutack one of the white platforms to the roof of the toy, as that would always stop it from even attempting to click in.

Thirdly, the yellow ladder does not securely fasten to the side of the truck.  The holes are simply not deep enough and the ladder does not stay where it is supposed to.  Again, I have had to use blutack to make the ladder stay there.

Fourthly (and this is somewhat different to the issues above), there is no sole siren sound button.  My son constantly wants to hear the siren and is required to switch it off and then on to hear the siren - for future design, a button that activates the siren would be fantastic.

Overall, I am really disappointed with the toy.  I have many vtech toys which are great, but this one is really bad and, in all honestly, not worth the money that I paid for it.  

Kind regards,

Michelle Zammit

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