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DX2 smartwatch not connect to computer

Hi, I have been trying to connect my son's DX2 smart watch to the PC, even though it shows on the screen of the watch that it is "connecting...", then " charging...", but when I try to use the Vtech download center, it just said, no device is detected. 

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 Thanks to Mr. Spelunx, I was successful in connecting my DX2 to my MacBook Pro. I swapped my cord from a charging cable to one that does data transfer, and it connected without a problem.

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We solved this issue by using a different micro USB cable. Some USB appear to only be for power, while other supply power and data transfer.

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I have the same problem where the watch will charge but will not be recognised as a drive. Please can we get assistance? 

Any help on this Alice? I've got the exact same problem

If you have the vtech cable that came with the watch, you will be successful. Ideally, you'll need a cable to do data transfer. 

I am using the cable that came with the DX2 but the learning lodge application says Vtech device not found. I am using macOS Catalina 10.15.7

I am using the cable that came with the DX2. macOS Catalina 10.15.7

I have the same problem too. Dell desktop PC. Has anyone got this to work?

umm can I update my VTech dx2 watch???

I don't know how to

I can't download anything on  my smartwatch

Swapping USB cables worked for me. One was a cheap cable that didn't support data (charge only). When I grabbed a better quality cable I was able to copy the files like any camera (no additional software needed, just a file manager). 

i did what you said i my vetch watchbut it did not work

I have exactly the same problem - my son's DX2 kidizoom watch connects then instantly goes to 'charging' mode.

I have a Macbook Pro with MacOS Catalina 10.15.4. I'm happy to help troubleshoot (I'm an IT professional) if anyone from VTech support would like to contact me..



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