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Charging faulty - Kidizoom actioncam

Hi team, I have bought vtech kidizoom action cam as a gift for my kid from MYER shop few days ago. Unfortunately when we try to charge the device and its not charging. We have tried few USB power sources too. There are no sign of charging in process (battery icon on the screen) as instructions. Hope to hear from you Thank you and kind regards, Albert Tjing

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albert, did you get any resolution here?

our brand new cam is doing the same...... :(

Hi there, We tried to contact the retailer as i dont hear any respond from here. At the end they i got replacement from the shop. Good luck

thank you for your speedy reply Albert. :)

we have yet to hear anything from Vtech, so i dare say will have to go down the same path. or just try to get our $$$ back.......

thanks once again!

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