1. Make sure the cartridge is taken out from the Innotab device and that it is switched off before proceeding.

2. Head over to link - http://www.learninglodgesupport.com/ and select the appropriate Innotab model.

3. Download the software onto the computer.

4. Turn on the Innotab device and connect it to the computer. Windows will automatically install some drivers and will ask the user to setup Learning Lodge. Please click "Cancel" here. 

5. Open the software that we downloaded earlier and click "Next". The software will first update the firmware on the device. This will take a while. If you get an error message. Please start from Step 1. If not, then proceed further.

6. Once the firmware is updated, the user will be prompted to disconnect the device and wait for the device to turn off automatically. 

7. Turn on device again and re-connect it to the computer to download the extra games. Disconnect after the process is finished.